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  • "The Diva" relaxes at GWA.
  • I love plants, I trial plants, and I collect them! That says it all.
  • Parrotia persica 'Vanesssa' showing joys of "Fallscaping"
  • My bog garden.
  • The biker babe in Paris with the Eiffel Tower.
  • My husband Dick and I celebrating a milestone, our 50th anniversary.
  • Phlox   'Blushing Shortwood' which I found in my own garden. It will be available in 2010.
  • Dan Heims, Terra Nova Nursery, "the Diva" and Bobby Schwartz, Bobbie's Green Thumb, 
the jolly green giant with his friends, the munchkins.
  • My front border.
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and I'm on Facebook —"the Diva" considers herself young at heart.
  • St. Louis PPA — The people I hang out with at conference, more or less.
  • Sharee and "the Diva" in tandem.
  • Gertrude and I together again.
  • Stephanie and giant Agave, I was really hungry!
  • The daylily named for me 'Stephanie Returns'
  • The garden I developed for my design book.
  • "The DIva" and Jerry Fritz (Linden Hill) trying to dress up Barry Glick (Sunshine Farm)  not strangle him.
  • The Divarella Series — Tiarella 'Stephanie Cohen' will be availble in 2010.
  • Kim Lock, student winner, Dr. Steve Still, PPA Director and Me accepting Honor Award.
  • The plugged-in meadow at my house.
  • Resting on my laurels and enjoying Luci Hardiman's garden in Portland. 
That's it, I'm too tired for more!
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